“Experiencing Juliette’s performance of Ruth I was struck by one thought, the God of the Bible works mightily through women. He did then, He does now. You experience Him in her performance. She isn’t acting.”
— David Plant, Assistant Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church Downtown, NYC


“Something happened that has called into question the legitimacy of King David. What happened to the line of Judah between Perez and David? Has the royal line of Judah been tainted? That’s why we are here.”

Enter into the circumstances of God’s people, Israel, hearing the story of Ruth for the first time. They were fearful & worried about the shameful claim that King David had a Moabite ancestress. Playing Deborah, an official of the King’s court, Juliette guides the audience into this controversy providing the appropriate background information to experience Ruth in its historical context, enabling the audience to feel the weight of what is at stake. After setting the stage, Juliette will perform the whole book of Ruth word for word.

Through this immersive and imaginative performance, your congregation can encounter the story of Ruth in its proper context and experience with power how God’s people may have received God’s Word. As you step into the story you will encounter the extraordinary kindness, generosity, and faithfulness of the Lord through and for Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. And thus, we experience how this Word is still for us today.

Performer: Juliette Trafton

Runtime: 30 minutes



“The power of the background in which Juliette Trafton deftly places the book of Ruth plus her exceptional performance skills result in not just hearing the story, but feeling it, experiencing it, living it. I unreservedly recommend Juliette’s presentation of Ruth!”
— Rodney Plunket, PhD, Lead Minister, White Station Church of Christ, Memphis, Tennessee