The untold story of the letter you thought you knew


Imagine taking your congregation back to first-century Philippi to relive the power of God’s Word through Paul.  

Lydia, the jailor, the slave girl, Epaphroditus, Euodia, Syntyche . . . Stephen invites the audience into these roles in the Philippian church, allowing them to participate in the story as he draws from Acts 16 to set the stage for the letter. Your community can experience what was going on in the hearts and minds of this community: opposition from their surrounding Roman culture, fears about Paul’s condition in prison and whether he received their generous gifts, concern over their friend Epaphroditus, and internal strife within the community. Once the background is set, Stephen performs the entire letter as if he were Paul speaking directly to the church.

Through this immersive and imaginative performance, your congregation can encounter Paul’s words in their proper context and experience with power how the Philippians may have received God’s Word. As you see parallels between the experiences of the Philippians and your own, you will be challenged to view your lives through the lens of the story of Jesus laid out in Philippians 2 and to have to confidence in Christ above all human credentials, to live as citizens of heaven and not of earth, to rejoice in the Lord no matter the circumstances, to put the needs of others above your own, to find the secret of contentment, and much more.  

Performer: Stephen Trafton
Runtime: 40 minutes