What is the cost?

Living Letters performances are supported by a goodwill offering that is taken at the end of the performance with a minimum guarantee. The minimum guarantee means that if the offering falls below the mininum the church would make up for the rest. The only expenses for the host are Stephen’s travel, lodging, and meals.  In certain scenarios where an offering is not possible, there is a performance fee.  Living Letters receives non-profit status through Artists in Christian Testimony Intl. 

We would rather not take a offering. Are there any other arrangements we can make?

We prefer to allow audiences to support the work with offerings but we understand there are cases where this is not possible. In these cases, there is a performance fee. Please contact for more details.

What is expected of the host?

In addition to the travel expenses, the hosting ministry is expected to publicize the event as much as possible to ensure that the performance is well attended.

What are some ideal settings for a Living Letters performance?

Living Letters works well either as a stand-alone event or as part of a worship service. It is also great for conferences or other special events. Contact for specific needs.